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At Immaculate, from the graphics to the digital seperation(CtF), to the Computer to plate (CtP) department, have been equiped to output high resolution digital films and plates at great speed for quick delivery and to ensure that the originals provided are enhanced rather than compromised. We have also added a new and faster CtP equipment to our stable with online facilities to avoid delay of our services and reduce turn around time. Our staff have been trained by the best hands in world, so as to provide our customers with the right quality of service delivery based on international standards.

We Offer a variety of Services ranging from:

- Customer Husbandry
- Security Printing
- Listening to Customers' needs
- Trade Printing (Impression Jobs)
- Responding with solutions
- Machine Folding
- Checking of Original CDs, Flash drives, etc
- Machine Binding
- Job Registration
- Lamination (+Spot Lamination)
- Customer Relations
- UV Lamination & Curing
- Delivery Services
- Blind Embossing
- After Sales Services
- Numbering & Perforating
- Digital Photography
- Foiling & Creasing
- Graphics
- Case Making
- Creative Designs
- Die Cutting
- Planning/Formating
- Auto Folder Gluing
- Digital Color Seperation (CtF)
- Shrink Wrapping
- Lithography
- Wire-O Finishing & Rimming
- Computer to Plate (CtP)
- Computerized Trimming
- Light Packaging